Fundraising Letter – Angel Tree

You Don’t Need Wings to Be an Angel,
Just a Heart

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,




That’s Emmanuel Reformed Church‘s (ERC’s) mission statement. It’s at the heart of everything we do as a church family.

For two years now, the folks of the Celebrate Recovery ministry at ERC have been showing their heart for Jesus by caring for people through an annual Christmastime partnership with the Angel Tree program.

Angel Tree lives out the Great Commission to visit the imprisoned and bring them hope, the truth of Jesus, and comfort. That comfort is desperately needed, because a parent’s prison sentence affects much more than the prisoner. Did you know that….

  • 2.7 million American children have a parent in prison. Some of the kids are so young that they don’t understand why mom or dad is gone.

  • Children missing their parent often wonder if mom or dad still loves them. They might even wonder if they’ve been forgotten! These children suffer from the hole in the fabric of their family life.

That’s where Angel Tree comes in.

For the past 36 years, the charity has worked to help heal the divide between parents and kids:

  • Parents need to actively sign their children up with the program. It helps them connect with their kids and show them that yes, they’re loved and remembered. Their relationship with their children is strengthened.

“Before Angel Tree, I really wasn’t able to have much of a relationship with my daughter, besides behind glass and through visitation. With Angel Tree, it allowed me to grow and become closer to my daughter, and the relationship I have now, man… it’s just something I could never have explained until I experienced it.” – Angel Tree dad

You have the opportunity to be an angel, too.

Volunteers, just like you, are the hands and feet of the parents, buying the presents that mom or dad can’t.

“The first time I saw the gifts from my dad and I knew he was away, I thought it was amazing. Thank you, volunteers, for giving us the gifts. You guys make us feel special.” – Angel Tree kids

It’s all about Jesus.

Angel Tree isn’t just about the material gifts. More importantly, volunteers bless the children with their time. They visit homes and organize holiday parties at participating churches as a festive way to fellowship with families who might not otherwise know the all-encompassing love of Jesus.

“Angel Tree gave me and my kids hope in a hopeless time and helped restore my faith. God bless you.” – Sharon, Angel Tree mom

Programs like Angel Tree function because of volunteers like you. Celebrate Recovery at ERC has been collecting angels and gift donations for the past month.

Now, all that’s left is the party planning, so the presents – and the hope – can be gifted.

And that’s where you can help. The Celebrate Recovery volunteers need donations to help defray the cost of making the Angel Tree party memorable.

Will you prayerfully consider a small amount to help with the decorations, food, and games that will make the kids and families smile?

Monetary donations collected will purchase decorations, raffle prizes, yummy food and drinks… everything needed to turn a party into a blessing.

“In Matthew, the Bible says “go into all the world.” Oftentimes, we get caught up in inviting people into our own world. But God teaches us to reach out from our world and touch other people in their world. So we go out to homes and we bring gifts from Angel Tree. And we want people to fellowship, to have fun, and we want to touch lives, these young lives, because when we touch these young lives, it is an investment that will pay off in full.” – Pulpit Minister Larry Nunley, Airport Freeway Church of Christ

If Angel Tree, and its families, are on your heart this holiday season, please bring your donation to the church office by Friday, November 23rd so our volunteers can start their preparations. ERC will gratefully accept cash and checks.

You don’t need wings to be an angel, but knowing that you helped bring joy and Jesus to a child on Christmas… well, that might make you feel like you can fly.