To be honest,

writing wasn’t actually my first choice of career. I desperately wanted to be a firefighter or a police officer or a superhero… I wasn’t picky. I was four. The one thing I really wanted to do was help people.

But it turns out that it helps not to be short when you to be a firefighter or a police officer, and that the superhero market is a little rough to break into without actual superpowers.

Fortunately, I realized I actually had a superpower not too long after that.

No, I can’t fly or bend metal by thinking about it, and the only time I’ve ever turned blue was when I accidentally jumped into a really cold pool.

But I can write.

See, words are my thing. I love the sound, the shape, the texture of words. I love the way they interlock and weave together to create pictures in the mind.

I love the magic of storytelling, whether I’m telling my kids stories I’ve written just for them, or telling a friend about a cool new boba place that I just found and oh my gosh, have you tried this place? They have this Earl Grey Lavender latte that just reminds me of silk with an aftertaste of springtime…. It’s amazing!

Back when I was a kid, writing for a living wasn’t even on the table. You had to be lucky, connected, or already wealthy… none of which described me, by the way.

But then…. the world changed. Drastically. Irrevocably.

The world runs online. Shopping, researching, communicating… Everything from meeting a spouse to finding dinner to getting new clothes or househunting… It’s all online in words and pictures.

Which means that the online world literally runs on storytelling.

Stories are magical.

Stories transport, inform, enthrall, and motivate. They entertain… and comfort. They create trust. They bring people together and they move people to action.

Sounds like a superpower, doesn’t it?

I think so, too. I may not have a cape, but I am a writer. I’m training with American Writers and Artists, Inc., the most highly-regarded copywriting training in America. I’m planning on completing my certification through AWAI before the end of this year.

I’ve trained in the art and science of email autoresponders. Other programs I’m taking up-to-the-minute training in include…

  • Case Studies
  • Web copy
  • Email Newsletters
  • Certified Internet Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Funnels

What I Can Help You With

At the moment, I tell stories about my passions, like tea…. the history of it, how to blend, the luscious flavors and the medicinal aspects. The humor and the humanity that can come with a good cuppa, and the history behind teawares like porcelain cups. But I don’t stop there. I’ve ghostwritten about cars, amusement parks, and museums.

I also tell stories about kids… about pregnancy and all the feelings and trappings of becoming a parent. How it feels to finally meet someone face to face when you’ve known them for nine months. I rave about babywearing, baby technology, and education. I’m passionate about special needs kids because I have two of my own.

With kids come pets, and my household currently boasts two cats, the dog that chases them, and the guinea pigs that are scared of everything except cilantro. (If you’d ever told me that I’d be cloth-diapering guinea pigs, I’d have told you to lie down until your blood sugar stabilized…. But yeah. We use fleece bedding. Ask me about it sometime. It’s awesome!)

I am meticulous (can also be called nit-picky) when it comes to editing and ghostwriting. But I love doing it. I love finding my client’s voice and creating something alongside them.

I currently craft fundraising and event awareness letters and social media for Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount and Reformed Church of Los Angeles in Lynwood, California. ERC’s Jazz & Java Night this past March boasted the most attendees in their history after I wrote a Facebook post promoting it.

I’ve been known to review restaurants (especially boba shops! Gotta get my tea fix!), homeschooling products, and local musicians.

I’ve upgraded and updated materials for a law firm and written well-received blog posts on a variety of subjects.
I research the heck out of any topic you point me at… I’m an information junkie, and that’s the truth.

I’m even a published romance author! (Don’t tell my mom…)

Above all, I’m ethical, honest, and I stick to deadlines. If I can’t meet that deadline, I will tell you before I accept an assignment. I don’t want to waste your time or your money.

If you’re a small business owner, I understand that you’re the creator of your brand. No one quite loves your baby like you do.

As a small business owner myself, I get where you’re coming from. And I promise that I’ll treat your business as if it were my own… giving you the time, attention, and resources that you need to succeed.

So if you’re looking for a responsible, empathetic, imaginative writer with a jones for research, a knack for conversational writing, and a relentless work ethic…. click that contact button. Let’s work together to get what you need!

All the best,