Autoresponder – Case Study

Sample Autoresponder (first in the series)

Hey there!

I’m Paul Clifford, CEO of PageOneTraffic (Designrr), and I wanted to give you a personal welcome to the Designrr program.

Now that you’re all signed up, make sure you check your inbox for another email from me. It’ll contain your all-important login information. If you don’t see it in a few minutes, you might want to check your SPAM folder or your Gmail Promotions Tab.

You’ll be ready to dive into the Designrr program as soon as you log in. I’m excited for you to see how easy it is to go from blog content to e-book at the touch of a button.

Welcome aboard, new Designrr!

All the best,

Paul Clifford CEO PageOneTraffic (Designrr)

PS: , That introductory email I mentioned? Be sure to read it to the end… I’m including a few extra goodies for you, just for signing up with us.

Sample Autoresponder (second in the series)


Hey, there! It’s Paul from PageOneTraffic (Designrr) again, and I just wanted to congratulate you….

You did it!

You’ve just joined the 53,000-strong (and growing) community of Designrrs who are creating the e-books of their dreams with this amazingly flexible and incredibly easy-to-use program.

With Designrr, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create professional, downloadable e-books . . . e-books which will give your business the boost it deserves by giving your subscribers the content they crave with little to no extra effort on your part.

You don’t even have to create new content (unless you want to, of course). Importing the blog posts you’ve already written is a snap with our simple but powerful program. Get even more value for your writer’s buck by re-purposing content you already created.

Don’t want to import anything? No worries… you can create content from scratch with Designrr just as easily.

Sound good? Great, let’s get you creating!

You’ll just need to do one thing first….

1) An email with all your login details should be waiting for you in your inbox. It’s got all the information you need to quickly and easily activate your account and set up your password. (If you can’t find it easily, you can always search your mail for the subject “[important] your Designrr login details”)

Just click the link in the email to create your password and activate your account. Bang! You’re done!

Let me just give you a few pro-tips before you start….

Paul’s Pro-Tips

  • Pro-tip #1: You might want to bookmark the so you can quickly and easily access Designrr whenever you need it.

  • Pro-tip#2: Designrr is ridiculously easy to use, but everyone has off days. If you ever do get stuck, we have a comprehensive training center here:

  • Pro-tip #3: If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve joined our Facebook community. That’s where thousands of other Designrrs are sharing their experiences and feedback. You’ll benefit from the experiences of people like you, who are using this program to boost their business with professional e-book creation.

Remember those extra benefits I talked about in my first email? I’m seriously invested in seeing you not just succeed in your business with Designrr, I want you to thrive. So, just for signing up with us….

Bonus #1

If you’re new to content creation (or just want a refresher for your skills), we’re giving you access to “Content Marketing for Dummies”. It’s easy to understand and even easier to download… and we’re packaging it with some bonus free training to help get you started.

With just a few simple clicks, you’ll have everything you need to start making re-purposing your content right away!

Bonus #2

The Designrr program is simple, flexible, cloud-based and powerful – everything you want in easy content creation – but it never hurts to have someone show you the ropes.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sending you training tips to help you quickly and easily become a Designrr ninja…. so keep your eye on your inbox for these informative emails and short but effective tutorial videos.

One more thing…

The Designrr team and I are committed to giving you the best possible experience with this program. We want to help you!

There’s a support chat button at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in Designrr, and we want you to use it when you need us. We have a team of people around the globe, so no matter what time zone you’re in, someone will be available to answer your questions.

And finally, if you ever have login problems, go here and log a trouble ticket. We’ll get back to you right away so you can get back to creating the e-books your business needs.