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Kelly Smith

Ghostwriting, Email Marketing & Auto-Responders, Website Copy, Blog Posts, Direct Sales, Fundraising Letters, Reviews


Language is more than grammar,and communication is so much more than language.

Storytelling is the only way I know of passing information in a way that sticks in the mind.

Every human being has a story. And every story is a way to connect with your listeners, entertain them, educate them, and invite them to understand you.

Storytelling is for everyone… and every company. Every business. Every nonprofit.

Who’s telling *your* story?


My Specialties


Not gonna lie…. writing can be hard. Sometimes you have the will, but the writing is way harder than you want it to be. Sometimes you’re overbooked and looking a deadline square in the face. And sometimes you just want someone to come in and polish what you’ve already worked hard on. If you’re tired of staring at a blank Word document and beating your head against a writer’s block the size of an SUV… or if you’re looking to polish your prose until it shines… even if you just scribble notes on a napkin and want it turned into an honest-to-gosh story, I’m here to help.

Blog Posts

Blogs are the easiest, most reliable way to do two very important things: stay relevant in the ever-changing world of Google rankings… and share your company’s story with your viewers. Blogs provide valuable information to even casual customers, which builds their trust in your company, your service… and you. Want to build a lasting relationship and position yourself as a leader in your field? You need a quality blog.


Let’s face it…. everyone looks for reviews before they try a product or restaurant. Good reviews can make or break your business’ online presence. Pro-tip: look for a reviewer who can weave in compelling, descriptive language to their review. Make the reader hunger for what you’re reviewing!

Website Copy

f you’re in business, you’re on the Web. It’s just how things go nowadays. And just like with a brick-and-mortar store, your electronic-home needs to be kept clean, neat and attractively up to date. A quick freshening of your copy is easy to accomplish and keeps your site relevant and effective.

Direct Sales Letters

The direct sales letter is still the gold standard of advertising…. but you have to know how to craft it. I’ve been trained by American Writers and Artists Inc., the most highly-regarded copy writing teachers in the business, to craft you a sales letter that gets your prospect’s attention, and gets them to follow through on your call to action.

Email Marketing

When a prospect opens your email, it’s like they’re inviting you into their living rooms to sit down and chat. You need an email that’s warm and friendly without being too informal. That first email is the beginning of a relationship, and the rest of your series has to build on that trust. Or, if it’s later in your relationship, you want to keep reinforcing their trust. I’ve been trained to do just that.


Creative Services


Whether you need a wordsmith to overhaul your website or just a few headlines for your next ad campaign, I got you covered. I’ll work with you to understand the goals of your project and the minds of your customers. Together, we’ll make your next project a success.

Creative Copy

If you want whip-smart copy for your next 360 campaign, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll write headlines that sizzle on a tight turnaround. Whether you want an Instagram sensation or you’re kicking it old school with a few print ads, I’ll deliver a campaign that delivers results.

Landing Pages

You’ve created a great product. You’ve told the world about it. And a qualified lead has just hit your site. What do they see? More importantly, just how hard do they bounce? I’ll write a landing page that makes your future customer stick around and take action.

Blog Posts

You have potential customers who are ready to whip out their wallets. They’re practically begging to hear a convincing reason to go with your product instead of the other guy’s. That’s where I come in. I’ll write a compelling pitch for your product, convincing your next great customer to take action now.

Direct Response

Your brand needs to be seen as a subject matter expert in your category. My job is to make perception reality. I’ll do the research to understand your customers and their problems, delivering engaging blog posts that position you as the expert—and your product as their next logical purchase.

Direct mail

Print is not dead, and not all junk mail is junk. Your ideal customer wants to hear from you. Whether it’s a long-form sales letter or a simple postcard, I’ll deliver a message that doesn’t end up in the trash can as soon as it’s out of the mailbox.


It didn’t take long for the email inbox to turn into a junk mail wasteland. Your customers hate junk—but your product isn’t junk. I’ll write engaging emails that stand out from the pack of unwanted messages, giving you and your customers what you both really want.

White Papers

You’d never ask someone to marry you on the first date. Commitment takes time. That’s why free resources are so effective for lead generation and nurture. I’ll do the research to write a compelling resource you can give away for free—so you can convince your customers to take the next step.

Web Copy

Maybe you need to hit refresh on your whole site. Or maybe there are just a few pages that need a tuneup. Regardless, I’ll work with you to understand your customers, your product, and what makes your brand unique. Then I’ll deliver copy that makes your site professional, compelling, and profitable.

Press Releases

If you want to get noticed, you need to do something notable. Whether you’re launching a new product, shaking up the C-suite, or making a major brand pivot, I’ll craft a press release that will make the media pay attention.

Script Writing

By 2020, experts predict that video content will make up 79% of global internet traffic. Investing in your video marketing is no longer a good idea—it’s survival. I’ll write scripts that will help you grab attention in a media saturated world.